Unboxing: Young Living’s Essential Rewards

Young Living's Essential Rewards program is like a customizable subscription box full of non-toxic goodness. As a Young Living member, you can enroll in Essential Rewards, create your order each month, and receive FREE products in addition to your order! Check out what I received in my April 2020 Essential Rewards order, and learn more about this incredible program!


As a Young Living wholesale member, you have the opportunity to enroll in Essential Rewards and receive monthly shipments of products right to your door!


Option #1: Enroll in Essential Rewards when you enroll as a Young Living wholesale member.

This is a great option! Your Premium Starter Kit purchase counts as your first Essential Rewards order. Then, each month on the same date, you have another shipment sent to your home with more Young Living products in it. 

Option #2: Enroll in Essential Rewards at any time after becoming a Young Living wholesale member.

The great news is, you can enroll in Essential Rewards any time you are ready to do so! There is no cut-off date or required start date.

young living essential rewards program explained free products monthly


Reason #1: Ditch and Switch

Essential Rewards is the best way to continue receiving your Young Living products, allowing you to switch out the toxic products like cleaners, makeup, and skincare, for non-toxic essential oil products.

As you begin ditching the harmful chemical-filled items in your home, replace them with non-toxic Young Living products. Over time, you will have a toxin-free home and lifestyle!

Reason #2: Earn Points for Future Purchases

As a Young Living wholesale member enrolled in Essential Rewards, you also receive a percentage of your monthly purchase back as a PV (personal volume) credit, which you can use for other Young Living products. These credits stay active for a rolling 12-month period, so you can let them accumulate for a larger priced item, gift purchases, or whatever you need!

I’m personally saving my Essential Rewards points to buy the gorgeous Aria Diffuser!

young living essential rewards program explained free products monthly

Reason #3: Earn FREE Products

Each month, Young Living offers PV Promos for Essential Rewards members. Based on the total PV of your Essential Rewards order, they will add FREE products to your order!

For example, in April, I ordered two baby gifts, as well as several oils for myself, and a Savvy Minerals lipgloss, for a total PV of 278.25. (This is the Personal Volume, not dollar amount.)

I not only earned 25.15 points in PV to use for a future purchase, but also received these products for FREE:

  • 15ml Eucalyptus Radiata essential oil
  • 15ml Tea Tree essential oil
  • 15ml Lemon essential oil
  • 15ml Clove essential oil
  • Thieves glass spray bottle

That’s $116.05 worth of products added to my order for FREE.

PLUS, the longer you are consistently enrolled in Essential Rewards, the more free product you receive. At the 3, 6, 9, and 12 month marks, you get extra freebies for your loyalty!

Reason #4: Customize Your Order Each Month

Essential Rewards is like a subscription box, in that you receive a shipment each and every month, shipped out on the same day each month. But it’s so much better than your average subscription box because you get to fully customize your shipment!

If you’re running low on household cleaners, pack your shipment with Thieves products. Need baby items? Order from our Seedlings line? Just want to try some new-to-you oils? Add those in there! 

In April, I needed two baby gifts, and I knew I wanted to share the non-toxic goodness of essential oils with my friends and their new babies, so I ordered baby gifts in my Essential Rewards order!

young living essential rewards program explained baby gift idea

Other Great Reasons to Enroll in Essential Rewards

There are so many great reasons to enroll in Essential Rewards! In addition to the reasons listed above, Essential Rewards also provides you with:

  • Discounted shipping
  • Fulfillment priority when supplies are running low
  • Earn commissions on any retail orders made through your YL member number.*

*As a Young Living wholesale member enrolled in Essential Rewards, you will meet the minimum PV requirement of 50 PV per month that allows you to receive a commission if anyone purchases Young Living products at retail price using your YL number. 

young living essential rewards program explained april 2020 essential rewards unboxing


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